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Posts by Deb Gaut

Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, Please join us in celebrating Boomalally Magazine’s one-year anniversary!  What fun we’ve had sharing stories of people who are truly celebrating life after 50—whether working, playing, creating, learning, or giving back to the world. We kicked off the publication in June 2018 with a fabulous photo collage from gifted photographer David Coblitz, titled “Plants with…

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BOOK: When to Jump: If the Job You Have Isn’t the Life You Want

RESOURCES WE LOVE Do you regularly dream of walking away from your current job to pursue a life-long dream?  Do you constantly imagine what life would be like if only you could follow your passions as a career?  If your answer is, “Yes,” to either of these questions, then get this book now and learn…

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BOOK: Embracing the Unknown

Embracing the Unknown Cover

RESOURCES WE LOVE This eloquent, captivating memoir tells the modern-day story of Graziella Chabanel, a woman who immigrates to America from Switzerland, and her fascinating, daily encounters with the unexpected given a new language, people and culture. With rich, lush language, the author shares her personal experiences moving to Los Angeles, with each chapter capturing…

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RESOURCES WE LOVE You don’t have to be an ardent dog-lover to fall in love at first sight with this gorgeous, enchanting, brilliantly curated magazine.  Dog Eyes captures the extraordinary nexus of people, dogs, and art—with nary a photograph of humans in sight.  Every detail is impeccably planned and flawlessly executed—telling stories of companionship between people…

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