Spiritual Path

Are You on a Path of Awakening and Abundance?

By Linda Maynard | August 28, 2018

Many of us have been on a spiritual path since early in life, wondering about and seeking enlightenment that offers understanding about a lot of questions we have. When I was in my late teens, I was very curious and confused. Having experienced a difficult childhood, I had a lot of questions. As a result, I was attracted to books and articles about spiritual enlightenment, religion, psychological studies and perspectives, and any other material that might help me gain clarity about this complicated adventure called Life. As we age, even more of us seem interested in finding inner peace and…

Toying with the Idea of Writing a Book

Toying with the Idea of Writing a Book?  A Good Editor Can Help

By Jeannie Eddy | July 31, 2018

Everybody has a story to tell.  Have you ever thought of writing your story?  That’s right – what about writing a book? Authoring a book can be a fun hobby or serious pursuit, but if you have a story to tell, maybe you should think about capturing it in a book.  The process can be lengthy, but once you’ve captured your story in writing, your book can find an audience if the story’s good. One of the most important things a writer needs to publish a book is a good editor, so your book can be the best it can…