Podcast by Emily Lane and Michelle Dougherty

St. Louis, MO - February 3, 2019

Michelle and Emily welcome Deb Gaut, founder of Boomalally magazine, to the podcast. They share a delightful white wine, Jardin en Fleurs Vouvray while Deb fascinates our listeners with her fabulous life story. Deb went from the life of an academic teaching on both coasts to working for a US spy agency to creating Boomalally magazine that celebrates life after 50. Emily and Deb talk about their collaboration, A Tryst on Cherokee, on an artist pop-up to feature St. Louis artists and designers. Visit their facebook page to learn more.

"St. Louis on the Air" Panel Interview

St. Louis, MO - September 24, 2018

Broadcaster Don Marsh, St. Louis Public Radio, interviews Deb Gaut, Paul Weiss, Executive Director of OASIS and Ken Druck, author of the book Courageous Aging.

St. Louis resources offer help to find passion, live healthfully later in life

Interview on STL TV

St. Louis, MO - September 12, 2018

The founder of Boomalally explains how this new startup helps people who are not ready to retire live their dream.

Interview on Fox2 News in the Morning

St. Louis, MO - August 27, 2018

Deb Gaut, the founder of Boomalally, was interviewed on Fox2 News about why she started the organization and digital magazine around "Celebrating Life After 50."

MichMash Podcast

St. Louis, MO - July 24, 2018

Deb Gaut and Mich Hancock chat about Boomalally and stories about "Celebrating Life After 50" on MichMash.