Turning Passion into Purpose and Profit

By Caren Libby | January 29, 2019

It all started with a love for art. As a child, I enjoyed drawing and painting and experimenting with color. And when I began taking photographs, I felt a spark that eventually burst into a burning desire to develop those skills. It was a blessing to discover this creative outlet early in life. The Twenties – Capturing the Moments My camera became a constant companion because I wanted to visually document the world around me – especially my young children – as often as was practical. It was a thrill to drop off my 35mm film at a processing lab…

Photo Credit: Pixabay

The Evolution of Entrepreneurship

By Kristen Edens | October 16, 2018

My 18th year was a big year for me: I graduated high school, got a part-time summer job and started college that fall. Sound familiar? For many Baby Boomers and Gen X folks, that was the norm. We were expected to follow the path laid out by our parents and grandparents. It was the vision of success. Wanting to be successful and to make our parents happy, we followed the laid-out path, never even considering the alternative. Perhaps some of us voiced our desire. (I wanted to be a writer—and that’s how we lived—hiding our true desires in our heart…