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Boundaries Are Fun to Create, but So Hard to Keep!  

By Christi Nix Bloomer

Boundaries are essential but generate a variety of different emotions. Boundaries are something we all need, whether we’re planning for retirement, rebuilding an empty nest, or starting a new chapter. “I need to be clear about what I’m willing to do and not do,” we huff.  Then later, we end up saying yes to something we don’t want to do, much less have the time.  Why do we do it?!?  Chances are good…           We have failed to determine ahead of time our priorities, time limitations, passions, or goals. If we’re remiss in deciding ahead of time what we want…

Take Control of Your Health to Thrive

By Dr. Daniel Durkin

Conventional wisdom suggests that the quality of our health decreases as we age and that once we reach our physiological peak in our mid-20s, the trajectory of our physique and health begins to decline.  However, we all know people who seem to be exceptions. These unique individuals are somehow resilient to the pitfalls of aging and seem to have hit the jackpot in the hereditary lottery.  Current research in medicine reveals that the status of our health is a function of numerous factors, the majority of which are based on our lifestyle and everyday choices.  According to Dr. Clayton Skaggs,…