The Diet Life

By Cynthia Reyes Masse

The battle of the bulge is an overused phrase meant to represent the frustration one feels with his or her body and all the extra pounds that are packed on to it. Puffy-faced baby pictures of children have been a trend throughout history. They represented wealth and vitality, not to mention overall cuteness. Who could resist a chubby-cheeked baby? The “oohs” and “ahhs” made their mothers proud. Things would change when those cute babies were school-aged children and bullies would yell out original nicknames like “fatso” and “lard ass.” For me, my bulges were everywhere for most of my life.…

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Hope, Trust or Fear Regarding a Serious Medical Diagnosis: The Choice May Be Our Own

By Chris Collins

Change is constant in modern medicine and the healing arts.  Oh boy, is it!  Our understanding of both worlds is vastly different than it was 10, 20, or 30 years ago.  How different?  Let’s take a walk. We have learned so much from other countries and cultures about alternative ways of healing.  Those ways have to do with BUILDING the body so that it takes care of problems on its own.  For instance, people are slowly realizing the healing power of fruits and vegetables. Who knew?  Those homeopathy doctors who told us so—and who said all disease begins in the…