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BOOK: I, Eliza Hamilton

By Eileen Perrigo | August 18, 2018

RESOURCES WE LOVE With the recent popularity of the Broadway play Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton (American statesman and Founding Father) has found a new and exciting place in 21st century popular culture.  If you’re even a little curious about Hamilton’s life and times, and enjoy historical fiction, then check out Susan Holloway Scott’s fascinating, new book.  You’ll love Scott’s rich, vivid portrayal of Hamilton’s world, as seen through the eyes of his wife, Eliza–a strong-willed, extraordinary, loyal confidante to her husband.  Enduring public scandal, heartbreak and tragedy, Eliza’s strength pulls her through wars, political upheaval and personal betrayal.  In the process,…

Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau

PODCAST: Chris Guillebeau

By Deb Gaut | August 11, 2018

RESOURCES WE LOVE Do you love hearing success stories about everyday people who are generating income–doing the things they love– without quitting their day jobs?  What if there’s a way you could hear such stories every day on your way to work in fewer than 4-7 minutes?  If you’re interested in a resource filled with great ideas for starting your own business on the side, check out Chris Guillebeau’s daily podcast Side-Hustle School. WHY WE LOVE IT Inspiring, compelling stories about real people.  Terrific ideas for making money.  Practical advice and lessons learned.  Duration:  4-7 minutes/episode. About the Author Latest Posts…