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MAGAZINE: airbnbmag

By Deb Gaut | August 4, 2018

RESOURCES WE LOVE If you, too, are experiencing an extreme case of wanderlust, help is on the way in the form of Airbnb’s delightful, new magazine.  What makes airbnbmag stand out from other travel publications is its unconventional way of showcasing the people and cultures that make travel destinations fun and exciting.  If National Geographic fell in love with Instagram over a pint of Guinness in an Edinburgh pub, then its offspring would look exactly like airbnbmag. WHY WE LOVE IT Celebrates meeting and connecting with people as “the real magic of travel.”  Captures favorite activities, restaurants, taverns, shops, and historical sites, recommended by “locals.” …

Mark and Angel Hack Life

BLOG: Marc and Angel Hack Life

By Deb Gaut | July 28, 2018

RESOURCES WE LOVE We’re all seeking something that we believe will make us happy: satisfying relationships, fulfilling work, financial security–the list is unique and deeply personal for each of us. However, life is messy, unpredictable, and downright difficult at times. If you’re looking for thoughtful insights and useful advice for navigating life, you will like this blog. WHY WE LOVE IT Inspiring, engaging content. Practical, realistic, actionable advice from two popular, successful life coaches. 900+ articles on happiness, productivity, emotional intelligence, relationships and self improvement. Exceptionally well written and beautifully designed.   About the Author Latest Posts About Deb Gaut…