Your Inner Critic by Danielle Krysa


Danielle Krysa gets it!  We all succumb to the bratty, cynical voice inside our head that says, “What made you think you could ever [write a book, paint a picture, play the guitar, ad infinitum]?” If you would like to learn how to silence that little voice, step out of your comfort zone, and unleash your creativity, then you will thoroughly enjoy reading this book.  In fact, to save yourself time, you may want to make the leap and purchase multiple copies now–it makes a perfect gift for friends and loved ones.


Excellent tips and techniques to jump-start your creativity and challenge your inner critic.  Funny, honest, candid, and enlightening personal stories.  Delightful drawings and illustrations that will make you smile out loud.

About Deb Gaut

Deb Gaut is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) who specializes in Mindset + Performance. She holds a PhD in Communication and has enjoyed successful careers in government, business, and academia. Currently, Deb serves as Chief Vision Officer for Deb Gaut Coaching and Founding Editor of Boomalally Magazine.

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