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The Evolution of Entrepreneurship

By Kristen Edens

My 18th year was a big year for me: I graduated high school, got a part-time summer job and started college that fall. Sound familiar? For many Baby Boomers and Gen X folks, that was the norm. We were expected to follow the path laid out by our parents and grandparents. It was the vision of success. Wanting to be successful and to make our parents happy, we followed the laid-out path, never even considering the alternative. Perhaps some of us voiced our desire. (I wanted to be a writer—and that’s how we lived—hiding our true desires in our heart…

Managing the New Midlife

Are You a Second Act Entrepreneur?

By Kristen Edens

In 2015, The Kauffman Foundation reported that 26% of new entrepreneurs were ages 55 to 64.  Forbes predicts by 2020, 50% of businesses will be freelance and, with 10,000 Americans turning 50 every day and another 10,000 turning 65, the number of second acts will continue to rise.  Exciting, right?  Are you one of the 26% (or more) who are over 50 and eager to start a business?  Do you feel stagnant and are drawn to something new?  Or are you working on a project that is nudging you toward entrepreneurship? Curious?  Read on!  The following information may help you…