Bent Creek Lodge

Bent Creek Lodge:  Dream Getaway in the Mountains of North Carolina

By Eileen Perrigo

Nestled in the forest of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina, sits beautiful Bent Creek Lodge. This rustic, cozy bed-and-breakfast is a wayfarer’s dream, thanks to the dedication of owners Jodee and Doug Sellers. As you wind through the trees on the road leading to the stunningly beautiful B&B, you immediately are struck by the bounty of nature all around you. When you reach the main house and enter through the arched double doors, you immediately feel welcomed. Jodee and Doug are almost always there to greet you personally before checking you into one of ten uniquely themed…

Photo Credit: Skitterphoto

The Journey to What’s Next

By Kristen Edens

My work history isn’t that great.  Certainly not the ladder-climbing, glass-ceiling shattering, rags-to-riches story you hear from big names like Oprah and Tony Robbins.  I love those stories and strive to do great things, but I’ve encountered too many obstacles, most of my own making.  That’s not to say my obstacles have been any greater or fewer in number than for those two household names.  Certainly not.  It’s just been far too easy to let myself get stuck between a rock and a hard place–believing that I can live my dreams, but then letting others convince me that I can’t.…