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The Artist and the Road Less Traveled – Mary Martin

By Deb Gaut

Mary Martin’s journey as an artist and gallery owner took an unlikely, unconventional path.  She was creative as a child and had talented, supportive, artistic parents who encouraged her creativity.  She also was inspired by a beloved, grade-school art teacher, who regularly took her students’ projects home for her artist-husband to see and comment on…

Interview with Marian Brickner, Animal Photographer Extraordinaire

By Deb Gaut

Marian Brickner is an internationally acclaimed animal photographer who calls Saint Louis her home.  She has authored 40+ books featuring her exceptional photography, and her work has graced the covers of numerous publications, including National Geographic Kids, Ranger Rick Junior, and the cover of world renown primatologist Frans de Waal’s seminal book, The Bonobo and…

APP: Audible

By Deb Gaut

Resources We Love If you spend a lot of time on the road like we do and never get around to reading all the great books you’ve purchased, why not use your “drive time” to listen to the latest New York Times best seller or enjoy your favorite author?  That was our thinking when we decided…

On Becoming an Artist

By Bonnie Sales

I was absolutely immobilized when my friends suggested that I support myself by selling my artwork after the death of my husband.  I had earned an associate degree 30 years ago and could recall something about Composition 101, the importance of having an identifiable style, and the need to know the right people.  However, that…

A Writer’s Life: “Dueling Sisters”

By Cynthia Reyes Masse

       I am a writer. I have been haphazardly telling myself this simple truth since I was a kid. Writing wasn’t something I stumbled into during some great awakening of youth, nor did it come as an epiphany when experiencing “empty-nest syndrome.” Words always have been swimming around in my head begging to…

Boundaries Are Fun to Create, but So Hard to Keep!  

By Christi Nix Bloomer

Boundaries are essential but generate a variety of different emotions. Boundaries are something we all need, whether we’re planning for retirement, rebuilding an empty nest, or starting a new chapter. “I need to be clear about what I’m willing to do and not do,” we huff.  Then later, we end up saying yes to something…

Volunteerism: The New Fountain of Youth

By Kristen Edens

You’ve worked hard.  Played a little—probably not enough.  And now you’re ready for a new chapter but have no idea what you want to do. Perhaps you’re seeking a new career.  Possibly you want to travel.  Maybe you wish to develop new skills and talents, or you have a strong desire to share the knowledge…

Take Control of Your Health to Thrive

By Dr. Daniel Durkin

Conventional wisdom suggests that the quality of our health decreases as we age and that once we reach our physiological peak in our mid-20s, the trajectory of our physique and health begins to decline.  However, we all know people who seem to be exceptions. These unique individuals are somehow resilient to the pitfalls of aging…

BOOK: Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing as We Age

By Eileen Perrigo

Resources We Love From the moment you see the captivating book title until the time you finish reading the book, you are drawn into specific issues women face as we transition from middle age to the next stage of our lives. From overcoming challenges of the journey to taking responsibility for our own direction, psychologist…

The Diet Life

By Cynthia Reyes Masse

The battle of the bulge is an overused phrase meant to represent the frustration one feels with his or her body and all the extra pounds that are packed on to it. Puffy-faced baby pictures of children have been a trend throughout history. They represented wealth and vitality, not to mention overall cuteness. Who could…

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