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From the moment you see the captivating book title until the time you finish reading the book, you are drawn into specific issues women face as we transition from middle age to the next stage of our lives. From overcoming challenges of the journey to taking responsibility for our own direction, psychologist and author Mary Pipher focuses on embracing the future with wisdom, authenticity, and bliss. She provides you with confidence to navigate life through a positive lens and presents ways to do so. Topics range from building a good day to creating community to appreciating the lifeboat of family.

Why We Love It

This book is a keeper and you will want to read it more than once. Pipher’s poignant insights about accepting ourselves for who we are and stopping our worries about what other people think are common threads throughout the book. She addresses the question, “What would your life look like if you were happy?” From the beginning to the end, Pipher makes you feel that getting older is a privilege and not something to dread.

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