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We’re delighted to announce the official launch of our new column called Coach’s Corner.  Our goal is to inspire and engage you with powerful, thought-provoking questions and trustworthy content curated from the professional coaching world.  Please join us in celebrating this exciting new venture, and let us know what you think.

Here we go!

“What would you do differently today if you
believed the universe was conspiring for you?”

I’ll never forget the first time I heard these words.  I was sitting in a beautiful, albeit chilly event space at the Renaissance Hotel in Dallas, along with 20 fellow students completing “Mod II” of the rigorous training required to become an iPEC* Certified Professional Coach.  Someone in the room had shared this compelling question as one that was especially inspiring.  As I look back now, I’m uncertain about what came next on the agenda.  I became obsessed with answering the question then and there, and fully experiencing the unexpected shift in mindset and energy triggered by this simple, amazing, mind-bending question.

What WOULD I do differently if I believed the universe was conspiring for me?  Thoroughly captivated, I grabbed my pen and notebook, and frantically mind-mapped the possibilities.  First, I would live my life full out.  No doubts.  No fears.  No worries.  Full out.  Second, I would boldly, not timidly follow my dream of becoming a successful coach and entrepreneur, helping others to connect with their passions, explore their dreams, and take their personal and professional lives to the next level.  Third, I would deliberately slow down, trust myself more, and enjoy the journey–knowing that the universe has my back.  (Why not?  Wouldn’t things have a way of working out for the best given this new paradigm?)  Fourth, I would fully commit to creating greater work-life balance and spending more quality time with my family.  Fifth, I would reach out and build strategic partnerships and alliances with amazing, talented, like-minded people to raise people up and make a difference in the world. 

Then came the heady, adrenalin rush of the aha moment.  What was stopping me from doing these things now?

The most intriguing part of this wonderful question is not whether it’s true or false.  Rather its power lies in the ability to expand our minds, transform our thinking, and open the doors to possibility—if only for a moment.  For instance, how would we approach life (and our performances) differently if we believed things have a way of working out?  How often would we allow fear, doubt, and worry to play a role in our actions and decision-making?  How open would we be to fully accepting where we are, what we’re able to do, and the results of our actions in any given moment?  To what extent would we release expectations and attachments to a particular outcome and seek opportunities everywhere around us?   

What about you?  What would YOU do differently if you believed the universe was conspiring for you?  Your response is worthy of consideration.

The answers I mind-mapped that day in Dallas became my personal vision, mission, and reason for being.  Whenever I’m feeling down, frustrated, tentative, or less than courageous, I consciously ask myself the question.  Then I allow myself to fully embrace the inevitable shift in mindset and energy that readily emerges.

*Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

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