Stuck in a Creative Rut with Your Photography? Try Something New

Photo Credit: Morgan Crabtree

Every aspiring photographer has a story to tell about their journey to find a niche or subject of inspiration.  All such journeys are comprised of ups, downs, and plateaus.  However, something (or someone) sparked your initial interest in photography, so don’t give up on yourself as a photographer.  Take a moment and think about what…

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Focus on Life

Focus on Life Morgan Crabtree Poem

Focus on life Breathe into the future Unfold as a flower greets spring Be present Stand in awe Rooted as the oak Play daily Frolic through the fields Flit like a summer butterfly Weather the storm Come together Merge into rivers Age gracefully Wear bright colors Dress like leaves of autumn Go home Become a…

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The Painted Hills are Ripples in Time

Ripples of time are moments in time that I share with you.  Why ripples?  The moment is captured in an image.  The image then flows out from me.  As I share it, others will experience it, and share it, and the ripple of that moment will continue … like the Painted Hills.

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A Passion for Photography

Caren Libby - Sunflowers at Columbia Bottoms

When I caught the photo bug, I was hooked for life! With each decade came different ways to capture moments in time. When I was raising children, I enjoyed learning how to compose a scene and use light to create better images. I also learned how to go with the flow and catch the action…

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