Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, Please join us in celebrating Boomalally Magazine’s one-year anniversary!  What fun we’ve had sharing stories of people who are truly celebrating life after 50—whether working, playing, creating, learning, or giving back to the world. We kicked off the publication in June 2018 with a fabulous photo collage from gifted photographer David Coblitz, titled “Plants with…

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A Writer’s Life: “Dueling Sisters”

       I am a writer. I have been haphazardly telling myself this simple truth since I was a kid. Writing wasn’t something I stumbled into during some great awakening of youth, nor did it come as an epiphany when experiencing “empty-nest syndrome.” Words always have been swimming around in my head begging to…

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Boundaries Are Fun to Create, but So Hard to Keep!  

Negative Space Photo from Canva

Boundaries are essential but generate a variety of different emotions. Boundaries are something we all need, whether we’re planning for retirement, rebuilding an empty nest, or starting a new chapter. “I need to be clear about what I’m willing to do and not do,” we huff.  Then later, we end up saying yes to something…

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Volunteerism: The New Fountain of Youth

Rodolfo Quiros from Pexels

You’ve worked hard.  Played a little—probably not enough.  And now you’re ready for a new chapter but have no idea what you want to do. Perhaps you’re seeking a new career.  Possibly you want to travel.  Maybe you wish to develop new skills and talents, or you have a strong desire to share the knowledge…

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