The Joy of Smartphones

Photo Credit: vrstudio at Adobe Stock

Last summer, I visited Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with my family. It was a relaxing, enjoyable vacation that I’ll always remember. My Smartphone was a constant companion that made the experience as seamless as possible. Since I’m a professional photographer, I try to have one of my DSLR cameras with me, but there are times when…

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Have You Lost Your Laugh?

Laugh Sign

Marlene Chertok was recovering from chemotherapy when she began looking for ways to positively impact her health. Even though she engaged in yoga and qi gong every day, she needed something more, but wasn’t sure what that might be. Through her research, Marlene discovered a fascinating documentary called “The Laughter Clubs of India,” inspired by…

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This is Your Brain on Curiosity

Mike's Photo at Pexels

When was the last time you experienced genuine curiosity?  Where were you at the moment?  What captured your attention (or imagination!) and compelled you to investigate?  I vividly remember the last time I experienced intense curiosity.  I was planning a trip to Dallas, TX, to visit family for six or seven days.  As a devoted…

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Reboot Childhood Favorites with the Play-Time App

Boy Splashing

When was the last time you thought about the games you loved to play as a child?  What was your favorite activity?  Dodgeball?  Catching fireflies?  Telling ghost stories?  Building forts? How long ago did play time diminish in your life to make room for “more important” grown-up tasks, such as going to school, earning good…

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