You don’t have to be an ardent dog-lover to fall in love at first sight with this gorgeous, enchanting, brilliantly curated magazine.  Dog Eyes captures the extraordinary nexus of people, dogs, and art—with nary a photograph of humans in sight.  Every detail is impeccably planned and flawlessly executed—telling stories of companionship between people and their amazing dogs; sharing the history of endangered species, such as the extraordinary wild dogs of Africa; and gently teaching us how to develop the perfect relationship with “human’s best friend.”


Lush words and luxurious images that inspire, captivate, and enlighten.  Exquisite photographs, drawings, paintings, prints, and illustrations interwoven with unusual, well-crafted personal stories, prose, poetry, and artist interviews.  Beautifully captures the indomitable spirit of our canine companions and the mystical, magical bond between dogs and their humans.  Word to the wise:  Plan to spend at least two hours of uninterrupted bliss absorbing every word and image.  Link:  Dog Eyes Magazine



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