Focus on Life Morgan Crabtree Poem

Focus on life
Breathe into the future
Unfold as a flower greets spring

Be present
Stand in awe
Rooted as the oak

Play daily
Frolic through the fields
Flit like a summer butterfly

Weather the storm
Come together
Merge into rivers

Age gracefully
Wear bright colors
Dress like leaves of autumn

Go home
Become a part of nature
Rest in the winter snow

Poem by Shirley Seabaugh

Cover photo: Bridge Between Worlds by Morgan Crabtree. Morgan is a talented, freelance photographer and creative writer whose passion is nature and wildlife photography. She recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas A&M University-Commerce, with a BFA in Visual Communications-Emphasis in Photography. Morgan is an avid birdwatcher, works and plays with horses, and creates Zentangle art. In her free time, she blogs at You can view her breathtaking photography portfolio at

Shirley Seabaugh

About Shirley Seabaugh

Shirley Seabaugh is a pharmacist and writer hailing from Jefferson City, MO. Her interests include organic gardening, writing poetry, making jewelry, and playing with her three dogs. While Shirley’s foray into poetry began in the 1990s, she only recently has begun to submit her work for publication.

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