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BOOK: Embracing the Unknown


This eloquent, captivating memoir tells the modern-day story of Graziella Chabanel, a woman who immigrates to America from Switzerland, and her fascinating, daily encounters with the unexpected given a new language, people and culture. With rich, lush language, the author shares her personal experiences moving to Los Angeles, with each chapter capturing a particularly curious and unexpected moment in time. In the process, she documents her journey into this brave, new world through intimate, literary snapshots that are beautiful, compelling, humorous, and inspiring. The book celebrates her triumphs and illuminates her greatest challenges: loneliness, isolation, and disorientation, which result from leaving everyone and everything you love to explore a new world.


This delightfully engaging book offers a fresh perspective on life in contemporary America and the extraordinary difficulties associated with starting over in a foreign land. Each chapter offers a compassionate and deeply moving account of the author’s adventures and serves as a poignant, compelling immigration story that’s timely, relevant and insightful. With grace, dignity and humor, Graziella offers readers a glimpse of life through the lens of an expatriate—and the role that the “kindness of strangers” plays in our ability to navigate the world.

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Deb is a sassy, fearless 60-something, who wants to change the way we think and talk about aging. As a successful speaker, trainer, and consultant, she is passionate about leveraging the remarkable power of imagination, perseverance, optimism, and a touch of wisdom to survive and thrive in the second half of life.

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