Photo Credit: vrstudio at Adobe Stock
Photo Credit: Caren Libby with Samsung Galaxy 8

Photo Credit: Caren Libby – Paradise Valley Beach Resort with Samsung Galaxy 8

Last summer, I visited Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with my family. It was a relaxing, enjoyable vacation that I’ll always remember. My Smartphone was a constant companion that made the experience as seamless as possible. Since I’m a professional photographer, I try to have one of my DSLR cameras with me, but there are times when that isn’t the case. That’s when the apps in my Smartphone come to the rescue.

From the moment we awaken until the time we call it a night, here are 12 ways that our Smartphones can enhance our time for play.

Accuweather Screenshot - Samsung Galaxy 8

Accuweather Screenshot – Samsung Galaxy 8

  1. As an alarm: Get the day started on time with an alarm that you program for the best possible wake up call.
  2. Don’t forget: Make sure you have what you need with a list that pops up on your Smartphone at the perfect time. Such apps also can link you to more extensive information in online document files.
  3. Weather or not: Check the latest forecast on an international weather or local news app so you’ll be prepared for what’s coming.
  4. Find your way: A GPS can help you efficiently navigate you to your destination. Or you can summon a driving service that can get you from Point A to Point B.
  5. Track your steps: Your fitness tracker can keep you motivated to keep moving throughout the day.
  6. Music to your ears: Listen to your favorite tunes while you’re walking, driving in a car or waiting for an airplane.
  7. Keep a journal: A note-taking app can help you save links and record details that you can check later. You also can record your voice on a tape app.
  8. Check resources and reviews: Tap into a search engine to find highly-recommended venues, menus and details about specific locations.
  9. Best places to shop: Discover unique boutiques and daily deals in the neighborhood that you’re visiting.
  10. Are you game? Stay entertained with games that teach and improve coordination, attention and concentration. They can also enhance social skills when people play them simultaneously.
    Photo Credit: Caren Libby with Samsung Galaxy 8

    Photo Credit: Caren Libby – Paradise Valley salad with Samsung Galaxy 8

  11. Capture the moments: Use your camera phone to snap photos that you can keep and share via social media or send in messages directly to friends and family. You also can use your camera phone to take pictures of places, people and things that will serve as reminders to follow up on when you have time.
  12. Record the action: Take a video of what is happening at a given time to document your personal experiences. Post videos online to keep your followers up to date.
  13. Stay in touch: Did I mention that Smartphones have a telephone capability? You can call or send a text message to connect and communicate any time of the day.

For more information, you can research apps in the Apple Store and Google Play. PC Magazine is another excellent resource for details about top-rated apps for iPhone and Android devices.

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