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Get a Hobby!

Get a Hobby Dear GiGi Boomalally

Dear GiGi, About 12 months ago, I left my job in corporate America to launch my own company.  My husband retired four years ago and thought I would be joining him in retirement.  However, he also knew I planned to start my own business.  He’s a wonderful, tireless supporter of my new venture.  However, he…

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My Boss Broke My Head

Photo Credit: Sindre Strom

Dear GiGi, I don’t know what’s wrong with me these days.  I have a beautiful home and a wonderful husband.  (We’ve been happily married for 24 years.)  We have two grown children with successful careers, and I have a good job making a six-figure income.  And yet I’m completely and totally miserable—thanks to a horrible…

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Everyone’s Creative – Tame Your Inner Critic

Photo Credit: Steve Johnson

Dear GiGi, How can I get “unstuck” from a rut I’ve been living in for 50 years:  feeling unworthy of living a creative life.  I remember the exact moment I fell head-first into the dark abyss.  Small town, USA.  Fourth-grade geography class. That day, a wonderful guest artist from Mexico was visiting and teaching us…

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Embrace Your Inner Runner

Female Footwear by J. E. Shoots

Dear GiGi, I need your advice.  I just turned 60 and thought I would always stay physically active, even though I’m only a recreational runner.  However, last February I took a nasty fall while running with a friend and badly fractured my left ankle.  After months of agonizing physical therapy (and, I must admit, feeling…

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